Dolphins are not Fish

Dolphins are Mammals

Dolphins are beautiful and they swim in the ocean but dolphins are not fish! This is confusing to many people since they swim and live in the ocean. Dolphins are actually warm-blooded mammals. As surprising as that may sound it’s true.

Quick Dolphin Facts

  • Dolphins are warm-blooded so they regulate their own internal body temperature.
  • Dolphins breathe air through lungs and do NOT have gills. Actually, they must come to the surface quite often to breath through the blow hole on the top of their head. The blow hole is a basically a dolphin nose!
  • Unlike fish which lay eggs— Dolphins give birth and feed milk to their young.
  • Dolphins even have a tiny amount of hair around their blow hole.
  • Female dolphins are called cows, and bulls are the males and calves are young dolphins.

Do Dolphins Have Teeth?

Panama City Beach Dolphin 1
Yes, dolphins do have teeth! Surprise though they do not use them to chew food as you or I would. Dolphin teeth are used to catch prey, then swallow it whole! I guess the reason they don’t chew food is the fact dolphins only get one set of teeth their whole life. Bottle-nose dolphins generally have 72-104 teeth.

Can a Dolphin see & Hear?

You bet they can! Bottle-nose dolphins have amazing sight in and out of the water. Dolphins produce an oily substance that covers their eyes to protect them when they are under the water so they can see perfectly. Like a cat or dog— dolphins see extremely well at night in or above the water. Dolphins also have excellent hearing.

Dolphin Flukes

Dolphin Flukes

Fin or Flipper?

Since dolphins are not considered fish they don’t even have fins but instead have flippers and flukes. A flipper has bones comparable our hand or arm bones. The flipper is used for steering the dolphin. They also have a tail that has flukes on the end for swimming. In the middle of their back— dolphins have dorsal fins similar to the rudder on a boat or ship.

Now that you maybe more informed concerning dolphins— it’s time to get out and see them up-close, in their natural habitat. It is the perfect time of year to go out on an amazing Panama City Beach Dolphin Tours and see these exceptional animals for yourselves!

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