Running on the Beach

Getting in Shape With a View

Beach Bay Point RunningWe all know how important our health is. It’s recommended that we exercise at least thirty minutes everyday so we can stay active and flexible. This is true and with the Olympics happening right now, maybe you think this is going to be your time to shine! It really can be if you start running on the beach. It may sound easy and you could see people doing it while you’re out on a jet ski or watching the dolphins. I am here to explain some of the great benefits of beach exercises, especially running or jogging. Also, is it really harder than running on the pavement?

Is it Harder to do?

Running on the sand is way more difficult than it sounds, which is why it’s a fantastic way to exercise. When you get to the beach and remove your shoes, you can feel the ground shift beneath you. This is good for your ankles, feet, and hips. You have less impact when running so you aren’t putting as much stress on to these muscles when you exercise. You might also be able to work out longer because of this impact difference. The ground will be unstable as you run because it’s sand, so you are going to be using the weaker muscles in your lower body. This means you will be stronger than ever and once you build these muscles, running on pavement will be a breeze. By stabilizing these muscles you can also protect yourself against more injuries and muscle imbalances.

Other Benefits and Activities

If you decide to run on the beach you should do it at least three or four days a week. Just pace yourself because it can be hot out there, even though summer is ending. At least you will have a breeze and a beautiful view. Running with the sound of the waves on a Saturday morning will never feel so great. If you decide to take a day off from exercise you can also enjoy other water and beach based activities here at Bay Point Water Sports! We have something for everyone.