Sea Turtles in Panama City Beach

Cute Little Sea Turtles

PCBFun fact, the majority of American sea turtles are found in the coastal areas of Florida. So yes they are even here in Panama City Beach, Florida! Maybe you have seen the signs for when there are nests around or the eggs are hatching. It’s important to never disturb sea turtles, especially when they are being born. Every single species of the sea turtle is endangered, which is a scary thought because these little animals don’t deserve that. Together we can preserve their kind and environments. Keep the beaches and water clean, or team up with a group of ecotourists! In PCB you will see a lot of animals though!

Types of Turtles in PCB

Throughout the years in Panama City Beach, we only had the loggerhead turtle. These are really big turtles once they are full grown. They can weigh up to 250 to 300 pounds and measure up to 3 feet in length! Then everything changed in 2012. We learned there were more than loggerheads when we discovered a few green turtles and even the leatherback turtle laying their eggs here as well. The reason this is strange is because sea turtles normally lay their eggs on the same beach and area every time, so either we overlooked them or they decided to change areas for some reason.

What we can do

It’s important that you never mess with sea turtles, their babies, eggs, or the nests. It’s dangerous to do so because they may not find their way to the water if someone disorients them. Eggs will continue throughout October each year. Call Turtle Watch if you stumble upon a sea turtle nest. These endangered animals need help from trained professionals. You can even look into the Adopt-a-Nest program if you want to help volunteer. Make sure that you don’t use lights on the beach at night because you can blind and mess with these animals like the babies when they just hatched. For anymore information you can look up more facts about the sea turtle. Make sure to stop by Bay Point Water Sports! It’s possible you might see a fully grown one while riding a jet ski out near Shell Island!