What Kind of Sea Life Can You Expect?

A World Below Us

crab-on-beachWith being so close to Shell Island you can expect to see many different types of sea creatures while you experience a dolphin tour or riding on a jet ski. The emerald waters are home to so much sea life so we figured the best way to let you know that is to introduce you to what you might see on your Panama City Beach adventure! Here is a list of just some of the animals you might get to swim with! Always remember to be friendly to the animals and don’t remove them from their homes.

Crabs And Other Crustaceans

The waters around Shell Island have become the habitat for one of the oldest animals on Earth. This special animal is called the Horseshoe Crab. This crab is really neat because it’s immune to most infections so companies use a sample of its blood to test medicine for the public health. You might also see a Blue Crab, Stone Crab, and the Ghost Crab.

The Smaller Animals

There are a ton of small fish and sea creatures that you will get to see along the way while you’re out on a kayak or swimming! You may get to see some Starfish or maybe even the the Sea Hare, which look like a slug you would see outside your house, but they have an internal shell. You would normally see these animals by rocks or water breakers. The interesting thing about the Sea Hare is that when they get upset, they release ink like an octopus so they can get away from danger. So don’t try to mess with these little guys!


Now it’s time for the scary part. No one wants to swim with jellyfish, unless you are in Finding Nemo, of course! There are a lot of jellyfish in the waters near Shell Island. They only sting as a defense mechanism, so don’t be worried when swimming. Just give the animals a respectable amount of room to roam about their day. You may see the Atlantic Sea Nettle, the Cannonball Jellyfish – (which is one of my favorites!) – There is also the Portuguese Man O’ War which I should mention isn’t really a jellyfish, it just resembles one. It’s actually a siphonophore!

Enjoy Your Experience

As you can see, there are a lot of animals in and around Shell Island and St. Andrew’s Bay, but don’t let that frighten you! These animals are carrying on their normal everyday lives just like you. If you want to learn more about these animals, especially dolphins, come on down to Bay Point Water Sports today!