Swimming in the Ocean for your Health

Benefits of Swimming in the Ocean?

Who knew doing something that you love to do could be so beneficial to your health? You love going to the beach and swimming all day but worried the saltwater may not be good for your skin? GREAT NEWS, swimming in the ocean is actually good for your skin and mental health.

Down and Out?

Feeling depressed or stressed? An amazing benefit of ocean water combined with the sun can help relieve depression and stress so you can rest and relax. Feeling a bit under the weather with flu or sinus infection? Ocean water seems to have the ability to cure these symptoms. Don’t just lay there or sit on the couch feeling down. Pack up and head to the beach and swim your sickness and depression away.

Skin Benefits

Struggling with acne or dry skin? Another benefit of swimming in the ocean is that sand with the ocean water are like a natural exfoliant. A great thing to do for your dry skin while you are in the water, grab some sand and rub it over the areas of dry skin. BOOM, you are exfoliated naturally and smooth! Many teens and adults struggle with acne. Swimming in sea water is an excellent way to help clear up your acne and lessen your scars. Sea water is known to remove toxins from the skin and replenish it with minerals. Sea water has trace elements of magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium, and iodide and are believed to be absorbed through the skin. So head on in for clearer skin and get that natural beach glow everyone loves!

Interesting Info

Using sea water as a form of therapy, has been around for centuries and was used by the Ancient Egyptians. Healthy Living Sea water provides itching and burning relief to those with eczema and healing benefits. For more info visit here.

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