Pontoon Boat Facts

Pontoon Boat Facts

Pontoon Boat Facts

Pontoon Boat Facts

Pontoons are very simple, and may be used on boats, rafts, barges, docks, or seaplanes. Pontoons can be used to support platforms, creating a raft, floating docks, even houseboats. Common boat designs that feature pontoons include catamarans (two pontoons), or a trimaran that has three pontoons keeping it afloat. Pontoons have even been used on so-called, pontoon bridges. They are wonderful devices and allow Bay Point Water Sports to provide a wonderful day of fun on the water via our pontoon boat rental services in Panama City Beach, FL!

Pontoons on the Lagoon

Since pontoons are one of the safest types of boats on the water they are a perfect candidate for a family adventure around Shell Island, and St. Andrews Bay.

Origins of the Pontoon Boat

Pontoon Boats were invented in Minnesota, by Ambrose Weeres, a farmer in the rural town of Richmond. They first appeared in 1951. Weeres had gotten the idea that if you built a wooden deck on top of two columns of barrels made of steel (welded together), you could produce a sturdy deck featuring more stability on the water than conventional boats of the time. Weere’s initial boat design was a very simple piece of plywood tacked on top of some 55 gallon steel drums.

Weere went on to found Weeres Industries in 1952, and began taking orders for 40 more boats and an industry was formed!

More Info

In 1990, the Minnesota state legislature recognized Ambrose Weeres as "Mr. Pontoon." and in 1991, he was inducted into the Minnesota Marine Hall of Fame. He passed away shortly thereafter at the age of 84.

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Pontoon boats can be a lot of fun, and they are very stable, safe, and reliable. Come check out the quality of the pontoon boats we have available today, or book your pontoon boat adventure online now.