Dolphins Close up

Dolphins at the Beach

Dolphins Close!
We’ve already been seeing some nice schools of the local dolphins, so that bodes well for this year. Spring break is upon us, and the dolphins love to see people. Year after year we are continually amazed at the level of interaction and friendliness that the dolphis display on the Grand Lagoon, and our near Shell Island.

Dolphins Close UpHave you ever seen a dolphin close up? They are totally fabulous creatures. We are lucky enough to be able to see them and interact with them in one day more than some people do in their whole lifetime. Certainly nature seems to know what is was doing when it comes to the bottle-nose dolphin. (That’s the most common type of dolphin located in and around Panama City Beach.) Did you know we have some great information about our local species of dolphins, that by reading you can become familiar with them.

This season is shaping up to be one of the more beautiful in recent memory, and we’ve never been happier then when we see the wide smiles on the faces of the families that patron Bay Point Water Sports. We have one of the best locations to begin a Panama City Beach dolphin tour than any of the competition! (WE think the dolphins just like us more too!) We have knowledgeable Captains, and always take our time to ensure that you and your family can maximize the enjoyment of this type of opportunity. It’s not everyday that you put to sea with the explicit goal of seeing dolphins, so we are certainly going to do our very best to see that you do! As always, your family’s safety is a priority so don’t worry we will go over plenty of safety information before setting sail.

When you choose Bay Point Water Sports for your dolphin tours, you are going to making a great choice. We hope to see you soon!