Dolphins, Manatees and More

Dolphins, Manatees and More

Manatees and MoreMany times during a Bay Point Water Sports dolphin tours as an added bonus— we also have the pleasure of seeing the manatee. The manatee, otherwise known as a “sea cow”— is a really graceful animal (mammal) despite it’s girth, and so peaceful to see gliding through the water! The other day, during a recent tour we were able to get these images that we hope you’ll enjoy. It was slightly overcast at times that day, so the color isn’t the best, but what a site!

Pictures (Manatees) from Recent Dolphin Tour

Pictures (Dolphins) from Recent Dolphin Tour

We are always getting to see these fascinating creatures as well as plenty of dolphins in their natural habitat, because we are cruising in their natural habitat! The gulf of Mexico has many manatees and if you would like to learn more about them, please use the following link… Also here is an excerpt from that site.

Manatees are usually seen alone, in pairs, or in small groups of a half dozen or fewer animals. From above the water’s surface, the animal’s nose and nostrils are often the only thing visible. Manatees never leave the water but, like all marine mammals, they must breathe air at the surface.

We are certainly fortunate to be able to live and work in Panama City Beach where we can interact and have access to these and other wondrous sea creatures. Although we try not to take that for granted, being local isn’t like visiting the beach! For those that have never seen dolphins, manatees, or other sea life, enjoying these experiences during a Bay Point Water Sport’s dolphin tour can be an experience not likely to be replicated. This spring and summer, we are going to be taking plenty of pictures and a lot of videos that we hope to be able to bring you via our blog on a regular basis. So keep our site bookmarked, and come back again and again for new media! Also, please like our Facebook Page, and interact with Bay Point Water Sports there.