Don’t Worry About the Rain!

The sun will Shine Again!

Even though it’s raining buckets outside right now. Don’t you worry the sun WILL shine again! When it does, Bay Point Water Sports will be right here waiting for you. Come by and see all we have to offer to make those rainy day blues go away.

Kick Those Rainy day Blues!

At Bay Point Water Sports when the weather is right we have all you need to kick those blues away. Wanna get the family out on the water for a couple of hours? Call and reserve your spot on one of our amazing “Dol-Fun” Tour Boats? You and your family can get up close and personal with some of the amazing and beautiful bottle-nose dolphins that live wild and free in this area. Also, if you want to swim with the dolphins you are given masks and snorkel gear. This is included free of charge and if you have never snorkeled, your Captain will be happy to teach you. Call (850)236-5386 and reserve your spot today.

Dolphin Tour

Dolphin Tour

Did you Know?

While storms and hurricanes wreak havoc on marine animals— bottle-nose dolphins actually flourish after a severe storm or hurricane. As you know dolphins are extremely intelligent. During severe storms or hurricanes dolphins actually go deeper into the ocean. Dolphins have an ability to sense danger therefore giving them time to seek safety in deeper waters. After major storms many commercial fishing boats are left damaged. Therefore the fish supply for the dolphins are in mass quantity while the commercial boats are out of commission. So, dolphins actually flourish and grow after severe storms. To learn more about this view here.

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