What is Ecotourism?

Bay Point Sea TurtleIt’s still summer so you can guess what that means, right? All your favorite nature-themed activities are going on right now. You have swimming, fishing, hiking, kayaking, and biking. While all of these may seem great, ecotourism takes things from a different approach. It’s a good thing too because it improves the well being of ourselves and others. Ecotourists travel to natural areas and help conserve the environments around them.

How can I Contribute to Ecotourism

One way to contribute would be to keep the beaches clean. You should be able to have a fun time while on vacation, but remember the beach is home to many animals such as the ghost crab, sea turtles, ground doves, and coach-whip snakes. We have to make sure these animals still have a home once you’re done tanning and meeting with the dolphins! Keeping the beaches clean is just one way that ecotourism works though. There are many activities that are ecotourism friendly. You can experience nature without having to harm it. Think about the beautiful world around you. The plants, animals, and sights. Whether it’s above you or under the ground, there are activities for everyone and every interest.

Water Activities

You don’t have to get out on a huge boat to see all the beauty the sea has to offer you. Getting under the water is a breathtaking experience – (literally) – and I would advise you to try all of these things. You can go diving and see all the fish around you. The best months to dive in Panama City Beach are between April and September. If you don’t want to go all the way down, you should try snorkeling. Even if it’s just on the shore, you will still have fun. It’s nice to collect shells and just see fish in their natural habitats. Maybe under the water isn’t your style, but on top of it is. You could try parasailing, stand up paddle boarding, or kite surfing. These are all things that won’t damage the environment around you.

Land Activities

There are quite a few land activities as well! You could go camping as long as you made sure not to damage anything around you or caused any environmental distress. I’ll go ahead and name a few more for you to give you some ideas. There is hiking, biking, rock climbing, bird watching, and flower finding. These are all great family fun activities and will make your vacation even better than you thought, while conserving the environment around you!

Bay Point Water Sports

While all these activities are wonderful, we know nothing beats renting a jet ski and then taking a dolphin tour! So when you’re in need of an excitement fueled day, come see us at Bay Point Water Sports!