Have Fun! Stay All Day

Come For The Pontoons, Stay For The Dolphins!

Panama City Beach RentalsWith Summer nearing the end, there is no better time to come out to Bay Point Water Sports and rent a pontoon boat. The temperature will slowly be dropping over the next couple of months and the water is going to be at its best. Panama City Beach locals can vouch that August is one of the best months to get out on the water. In July the water temperature can reach eighty degrees. While August, September, and October typically stay within the sixty to seventy degree range.

We offer half day rentals, as well as a full day on the water. Take the boat out and go for a swim on the beautiful Gulf Coast. If pontoon boats aren’t your style, we also have kayaks and jet ski rentals. You can rent a Yamaha jet ski for one hour, two hours, four hours, and up to eight hours. While you cruise around Shell Island and the St. Andrew’s Bay for a total of seven miles, you may even see some dolphins along the way!

If you decide to go with our kayak option, you’re in for some fun! We have Hobie kayaks which are our favorites and the best the the world of kayaking. You can rent them for four hours or even eight hours which is a full day. We offer single and tandem kayaks. If you want to bring someone with you, the tandem is the same price as the single, a great deal!

After a great day of fun in the sun don’t forget to reserve the dolphin tours that we offer. We do four tours a day with each tour lasting approximately two hours. To learn more about our prices and what we offer please click on the Water Sports tab! With the water feeling better and the family friendly atmosphere, it’s no wonder why we’re open til sunset!