Holidays are Better at Bay Point

Family Vacation TimeWith 4th of July 2016 rapidly approaching, reservations for Bay Point Water Sports on the water activities in Panama City Beach on the holiday are filling up steadily.

If you’re anything like us, family comes first! Since that’s the way we think— You know that we’ll make sure your entire family, from the smallest to the largest (or maybe oldest) has a great time. Join us this 4th of July, and celebrate this country’s independence with style, on the water on a jet ski or a pontoon boat seeking out the smiling dolphins.

Whatever type of fun on the water you’re looking for, we are going to help you maximize the fun, and minimize the cost. Stay out til almost sunset and enjoy the uniquely beautiful skies over the Emerald Coast in Panama City. This tow really does have the most glorious sunsets you’ll ever experience. Another great reason to be celebrating on the 4th~!

What the Heck?

Dolphin Fun (Dol-Fun)When my nephew was a small boy, he used to have a saying— It was, “What the heck… Let’s celebrate.” He would interject things like, “What the heck, it’s Monday”, or “What the heck, it’s afternoon”, or lunchtime, or whatever it was he found a reason to celebrate. When you are in Panama City Beach, life is sort of like that! So what the heck, let’s celebrate on the water this year!

Come out to Bay Point Water Sports this year and quit putting off having a great time and exploring the lagoon, including the naturally perfect Shell Island.

Explore the website to learn what to expect from our activities, You can start here and on that page you will find all of our fun-filled water sports and personal watercraft rental information. We take your fun seriously! Be sure and read up on all our reviews at either Google or Trip Advisor, or both!

Our Location & Contact Information

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