What to do on Vacation in PCB

Vacation in Panama City Beach

PCB RocksIf you could take a vacation in Panama City Beach, Florida where would you go? I asked myself this same question before I decided to become a local and I hear people asking it every time they visit. There really are so many things to do when it comes to this town and the surrounding area. You also need to factor in the time of the year you decide to come down here to this part of Florida. Will you visit in the summer time or when the water is too cold in the middle of December? Only you can decide when you want to visit. Leave the rest up to me. I will name a few places that you can visit as a family or by yourself if you are up for an adventure and want to get out and be alone.

So Many Places

It can be overwhelming when you first arrive because you see places and beaches on every corner. Just take a deep breath and decide what you want to do. Going to eat is usually a good idea if you haven’t bought groceries or checked into your hotel yet. I would advise heading to Pier Park and enjoying some of those restaurants. Check out Red Robin, Red Brick Pizza, Chipotle, Zoe’s, Wayback Burger, etc. Now you might want to go out for a day or night of fun. We have a few clubs, but I’ll keep it family friendly. You could see a movie or go shopping. The Grand Theater is located in Pier Park next to the big beach ball. Next there is the beach, which might be the main reason you’re here. If you want to visit more quiet beaches and explore our neighboring towns of 30A, check out Seaside, Rosemary Beach, Grayton Beach, and Watercolor. These are beautiful areas.

Bay Point Water Sports

We all know it can be exciting to vacation in Panama City Beach, but you need to really get out on the water to enjoy it the most. Come to Bay Point Water Sports and rent a jet ski, kayak, or pontoon boat if you’re feeling up to it. Remember that life is about the little things. Contact us today or stop by for a day of fun!