Dolphin Awareness Month

March is Dolphin Awareness Month

The Dolphins are Waiting

The Dolphins are Waiting

Here at Baypoint Water Sports we offer dolphin tours. We want you to learn more about these beautiful creatures and how they could be in danger. Surprisingly out of all of the dangers in the ocean, their biggest threat are humans. There are already some endangered species of dolphins, but together we can stop this and help dolphins. For example, research suggests that over 95% of dolphin deaths are directly attributable to man-related causes. We can stop all species of dolphins from becoming endangered.

The Causes of Endangerment

There are a multitude of reasons why dolphins are becoming endangered. Prominent statistics clearly show more and more dolphins are being killed by disease and beaching due to sonar interference, being caught in fishing nets, illegal dynamite fishing, marine pollution, collisions with boats and or propellers, than ever before. Noise pollution is real. What happens is that the high pitched noises can actually injure dolphins or make them have to move to a new area which can cause even more problems. These dolphins will leave their pods and by just going to a new environment they will have to face so many new problems and new predators in these areas that they go to.

Top Five Most Endangered Species

Although quite a few species are endangered here are the ones that we should be trying to protect the most. Maui’s dolphin have just about 55 alive today. Luckily they live off the coast of New Zealand and have been labeled critically endangered so they are being highly protected.Hector’s dolphin comes in second on the endangered list with only around 7,000 of these amazing creatures left. Indus and Ganges River dolphin are next with about 3,000 all together. Vaquita is a species of porpoise so not necessarily a dolphin, but is considered the world’s most-endangered cetacean with only around 560 left. Last is the Baiji dolphin or the Yangtze River dolphin. These dolphins might be extinct. In the 1980’s there were only around 400 around and then by 1997 there were only 13 left. We haven’t really seen them since then. Together we can stop the extinction of dolphins. Share this page or any others you find. Just share Dolphin Awareness Month which is this March.

We actually have a ton more of information on dolphins should you want to continue reading