The History of Labor Day

What is Labor Day?

Sparkler FlagLabor Day is a public holiday in the United States that has a lot of back story behind it, but I won’t get into too much of it. Although I will explain the main parts about the day itself that we all know and love. It all started out in the late nineteenth century. The trade union and labor movements were growing a ton during this period of time in the late 1870’s and early 1880’s. Trade unionists proposed that a day be set aside to celebrate. “Celebrate what though?” is what you might be asking yourself. Well they wanted to celebrate labor and all their hard work from these previous years and years to come.

Some More Information

In 1887 Oregon became the first state to recognize Labor Day as a public holiday, but by the time 1894 rolled around a total of thirty states had started to recognize it as a public holiday. This is also the same time it had become a federal holiday. Labor Day is celebrated on the first Monday of each September, so this year we will be celebrating on September 5th! Our Labor Day is celebrated in all 50 states, all the United States territories, and the District of Columbia! Over 80 countries have their own version called International Worker’s Day on May 1st, and several other countries have a day that they call Labour Day. It’s exciting what hard work can achieve.

Celebrate With us!

If you’re lucky enough to be in Panama City Beach on vacation when Labor Day rolls around, there is a lot you can do. Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam is actually being held over Labor Day Weekend this year, so that is pretty exciting. There are a few more things to do though. Enjoy the time off and spend it with your family. Go eat, take your kids to the beach, and go shopping at pier park! Come enjoy our town before it gets cold! Labor Day is known as the end of summer, so we need to have fun before we need to head back home. For the rest of your beach related needs come check us out at Bay Point Water Sports!