Remember to Watch for the Flags!

Why Should you Know About the Flags?

Red Warning Beach FlagThe best reason is also the most obvious reason, to stay safe. The beaches of Panama City Beach are beautiful and a great place for a family vacation so it’s important to be informed about the type of water and currents you will be dealing with while out for a swim or out on our jet skis and kayaks. I hope to explain everything you will need to know about what the different colors mean.

What Each Color Means

Each color stands for different conditions of the water that day. You can usually expect a red or double red flag to be flying on the beach after a big storm because of the rain and wind, but I will go ahead and break down all the colors for you.

The Calmer Colors

Green Flag: This means low hazard and calm conditions. You shouldn’t be worried too much about any undertow, but no matter what you should always be cautious when swimming or out on the water.

Yellow Flag: This flag means medium hazard with moderate surf or currents in the water. The beaches normally have a yellow flag flying above us, so it’s always good conditions to go for a swim with friends on the shore.

When it Gets Dangerous

Red Flag: This means high hazard and that there will be high surf with the possibilities of high currents as well. We would advise everyone to stay out of the water at this point for your safety. It’s never a good idea to swim during a red flag.

Double Red Flag: By this point the water is closed to the public and it is a bad idea to try and swim and fish. Take this warning about the water during a double red flag. At times it can look peaceful, with no waves, but the currents can be strong enough to pull you far away from shore and it can be tough to swim back. It can also be illegal it swim during this flag.

Purple Flag: This means that there is dangerous marine life in the water nearby. It’s normally jellyfish, but sometimes it can be stingrays or sharks. It’s best to wait until you know that the coast is clear and the flag has been changed before trying to go out on the water. If you don’t want to swim with the dangerous animals, you can always come out for a dolphin tour!