Heroes on Jet Skis!

Pilot Rescued on Jet Skis!

According to news reports… Just after a pilot’s banner plane crashed off the coast of Miami Beach, five Samaritans on recreational jet skis sped into a dramatic rescue! Below you can check out the video on Youtube!

Watch the Video!

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George Daly, (One of the rescuers) said that he was able to reach the pilot in the water, and asked if there were other passengers still in the plane. Luckily, there were no other passengers in need of jet ski rescue so Daly took him ashore on his jet skis, once on dry land, The Miami Beach Ocean Rescue Unit took over.

Jet Skis to the Rescue

Although we haven’t had the privilege to rescue any pilots lately (or ever) we and our customers do have an extraordinary amount of fun on the water with our jet skis in Panama City Beach. We hope while our customers are enjoying their jet ski rentals from Bay Point Water Sports, none of them ever see a plane dropping from the sky, but I suppose there always exists the possibility! If in fact one does, it’s good to know that we take awesome care of our equipment, and it would be ready to go should the need arise!

Jet Skis – More Than Fun!

Jet skis are in fact involved in many rescue stories, as I’ve come to realize while researching this article! Our site if truly full of useful information about jet skis, as it’s one of our favorite topics, and one of the cornerstones or our success on the beach! When you visit Bay Point Water Sports in PCB, know that you are going to get the best equipment for your rental, and the tools and the training are important! We never send out a customer unprepared to handle their jet skis in the best possible way!