Jet Ski Etiquette

When you take advantage of the unguided jet ski rentals at Bay Point Water Sports it can be very thrilling.  However, extreme water sports such as this do have rules that must be followed for your safety and for the safety of other boaters who share the waterways with you.  1.  It is very important to know the “right of ways”.  When crossing paths with other crafts in the water the water craft on your right has the “right of way”.  2.  Speed of Operation and speed limits should be observed at all times.  Pay attention to all “no wake zones” and on crowded water ways make sure to keeps speeds comparable to other water crafts.  3.  Proper Safety Equipment.  When operating a jet ski you must wear an approved flotation device or life jacket.  Eye protection is always advisable to protect your eyes from water spray.  A whistle should always be available for alerting other boaters to danger or calling for help.  A “kill switch” MUST be attached to you at all times while operating a jet ski.  This will kill the motor should you fall off the vessel while operating.  These are a few of the most basic safety guidelines to observe while jet skiing or boating.  When you take advantage of unguided jet ski rentals at Bay Point Water Sports you will be given very detailed safety briefing including these guidelines among many other before you are released to the water.  Above all else please be safe on all waterways.