Jet Ski Safety

Jet Ski Safety – Panama City Beach, FL

Jet Ski Safety

Jet Ski Safety

At Bay Point Water Sports, jet ski safety is our goal! Enjoying the water with a Jet Ski rental is probably the most excitement you can have while at the beach! The sheer adrenaline that you get going with the salt spray, and the speed while on the surf. Truly, if you’re on vacation in Panama City Beach, jumping on a jet ski from Bay Point Water Sports for a few hours can be the highlight of your time in Florida!

With all the exhilaration you’ll be feeling, it can be easy to forget that jet skis have the potential to be dangerous, and should be greatly respected.

Jet Ski Safety Tips

We’ve put together a few simple jet ski safety tips that will take you a long way:

Jet Ski Safety Features

All our jet skis come equipped with a "Kill Switch" They attach to your wrist with a lanyard, and attach securely with Velcro. Should you become separated from you ski, the engine will immediately be shut off, enabling you to get back on it!

Safety Life Vests – Use Them

We provide all the safety equipment you’ll need to get the most out of your jet ski experience. Primary among these is the life jacket. They’re designed to keep you afloat, and they will. Don’t ever take them off when you’re riding a jet ski.

Don’t Use Alcohol & Drive a Jet Ski

Just as with driving a car, piloting a jet ski takes skill and concentration. Alcohol can quickly diminish your situational awareness, and limit your vision, and decrease you reactionary response time. Drinking and driving a jet ski is not a good idea!

Get to Know Your Ski

Even if you’ve been on a jet ski a thousand times, there are different makes and models of jet skis. Take a few minutes to get used to the way the ski you’re on accelerates, turns, slows, etc… before simply jumping on and going as fast as you can! There’s always time for that!

Overconfidence = Danger

A rogue wave, or driver mistake can throw you off a jet ski! Don’t let yourself feel invincible. Be responsible and respect the ocean, and the jet ski you’ll be on.

It is Bay Point Water Sport’s intentions that you have a fun and SAFE time while enjoying any of our activities on the water.