Weekends on the Lagoon

Lagoon Longing

Pontoons on the LagoonIf you are anything like me, you live for the weekend. Off work, and ready to relax or enjoy the bountiful treasure the Panhandle’s Gulf Coast possesses. Family always comes first, and that can be tough sometimes with life’s pressures and responsibilities. One way to let go of all of that and enjoy your family is a, “go at your own pace” pontoon boat rental. Set your own pace, explore on your own, and take in the Lagoon’s peaceful awesomeness. There’s plenty to do on the water with your family, and it’s not very hard to create lasting memories that you can your kids will always look to with fondness! That’s pretty important with today’s modern distraction’s. With everyone’s head buried in some digital device, it’s pretty easy to skip over simple things that can sometimes get taken for granted. Some of those things may be things like a simple cloud that your son or daughter sees a fish in, or a breeze with a tinge of coolness that you know is blowing only for you!

Family-Friednly Pontoons

When you’ve got two or three kids, or guests of your own, the best way to enjoy the lagoon is on a Bay Point Water Sport’s pontoon boat! You can take them out yourself, or you can even choose a guided dolphin tour that lets you kick back and enjoy the sights and sounds of our beautiful ocean-scape. Either way you go, we make sure you are secure and safe on the journey with training and the proper equipment. All our pontoon boats are well-maintained and comfortable so you can really enjoy yourselves while on the water!

Make it Happen!

It’s time to have a few of those quiet moments, and our own Grand Lagoon on a pontoon boat is the perfect setting! Your family will thank you for it, I guarantee.