Children’s Beach Activities

A day a the Beach

Family Bay PointLet’s be honest here since we’re all adults. When it’s finally summer time and you can take a trip to Panama City Beach, you are here to have fun and relax. With children this can be slightly difficult. You get all the chairs, floats, snacks, and drinks into the car. Then by the time you get to your favorite spot and put on sunscreen, you hear it. “Mom/Dad, I’m bored!” No one wants to hear this right after arriving to the beach, especially when the breeze is just the way you had been imagining it for months. There has to be some way for you to relax and your children to have a good time, right? The answer is yes.

How to Keep Children Entertained

A simple way to keep them entertained would be having them play a game searching for seashells. Have everyone find at least ten to twenty shells. This could take awhile, but make sure to always watch your children on the beach. It’s big and the water isn’t always safe. Once they return with their treasure have them sort each shell into piles. You can have color, size, and shape as a few choices. This will allow you to relax in silence while they do this activity! Another great way to have fun is to bring a kite or a couple of them. A windy beach day makes perfect kite weather! You can also bring their favorite toys like construction trucks and airplanes so they can dig and play through the sand. There are so many more beach themed activities but I would suggest trying these first and looking up more if your children want even more fun.

Water Themed Activities

If your kids want a little more fun you can always bring them to us at Bay Point Water Sports and take them on a dolphin tour or a pontoon boat! There is so much to do on the beach that you couldn’t possibly do it all in a day. We hope you enjoy your Panama City Beach vacation!