Few More Facts About PCB

More Facts About PCB?

Blue WhiteYes it’s true that there is already a lot of well known information when it comes to what people know or think of on the topic of Panama City Beach. Is there more to learn or do we know it all? As this town expands I would say we will never stop learning. We already know why this town is popular, but what are the other facts? I guess we will have to learn them. There is probably a deep history on a building that you pass by every morning on your way to work, but you don’t acknowledge it because you didn’t know. That is okay because I am here to explain some more facts about Panama City Beach.

Show me the Beach Facts

I would be glad to. There are some people that might know these things, but this could be an exciting read for someone who wants to learn more! Did you know that Panama City Beach has a year round temperature of 74 degrees F? The reasoning behind this is due to where we are located. We live in a sub-tropic environment. Panama City Beach is considered the “Seafood Capital of the South” and I’m going to assume it’s because we can eat seafood at any restaurant and we bring in and catch so much fresh food all the time. If you’re hungry for fish now check out which ones you can catch this month! Also our town is home to the only deep sea diving museum in the United States. That would be the Man in the Sea Museum.

More to Offer

As you can see there are a lot of things that this town can offer people. Whether it be knowledge, food, or a place to stay. Panama City Beach can be home. If you want to enjoy your time here more, come swing by Bay Point Water Sports! We have jet skis, kayaks, and more! Give us a call or just come by today.