Ghost Crabs in Panama City Beach?

The Invisible Crab

Watch out for Ghost Crabs! While enjoying the waters at PCB, there are many creatures one may see. However, there is one that can play tricks on your eyes. This creature would be the Ghost Crab. The Ghost Crab gives the appearance of being invisible when it is actually the same color as the sand. Because of the coloring, it is also known as the Sand Crab or White Crab.

Their Appearance

Ghost Crabs in PCB!The Ghost Crab is 2-3 inches big with a water-tight exoskeleton. It has five legs; the front legs look more like claws. The legs of the Ghost Crab are so strong they can walk up to 10 miles per hour. Their large black eyes rest upon stalks that help give them a broad range of vision. The gender of the crab is determined by if they have horns attached to the end of the eyes. The horns show other crabs they are male.

How to Spot Ghost Crabs

Spotting a Ghost Crab may be easier said than done for they are mostly active at night. While they may not be out much during the day, they do have a home you may be able to spot. These crabs like to make their homes by burrowing into the sand. The holes are usually 1-2 inches wide. The Ghost Crab tends to make two entrances into its burrow.

Based on the outside of the hole you found, you may be able to tell if the crab is male or female. A mature male crab likes to pile the burrowed sand neatly against the entrance. If the crab is young or female, the sand will be distributed in all direction close to the entrance. The younger the crab, the more likely it is to place its home closer to the water.

More Fun Creature Spotting

The Ghost Crab is just one creature in the area, but many other creatures are just waiting to be spotted. Bay Point Water Sports is excited to help with your creature spotting adventures.