Sand Dunes & Sea Oats Protections

Sand Dunes & Sea Oats

Sea Oats and Sand Dunes are a great and beautiful part of being in Panama City Beach. Sea oats are perennial grasses with tall stems and narrow, elongated leaves. Many people are not aware that Sea Oats are a protected plant state-wide. Wild Sea Oats and other wild plants native to this area help our sand dunes maintain both their beauty and health. For some reason— unfortunately, often people try to rip these plants out of the sand! This can easily destroy our irreplaceable dunes. Our sandy dunes are the backbone of the beach and help protect us from the storms and hurricanes that can be part and parcel of a thriving beach community.

The More you Know?

Sea Oats at SunriseAs the roots and stems grow, the our sugar-white sand gets built up in them, also protecting them! The more they grow and thrive the more sand piles up, assisting our dunes to grow into the beautiful and captivating dunes you see today all along the less built up areas of Panama City’s beach. Walking on these dunes also damages and kills the priceless vegetation growing withing and in the process destroy the dunes themselves. So please! Ne careful and let’s not walk on or destroy the vegetation on our naturally-amazing sand dunes.

Fun Things to Do Away from the Dunes!

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