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Shell Island – Panama City Beach, FL

Shell Island - Panama City Beach, FL

Shell Island – Panama City Beach, FL

St. Andrews State Park is one of Panama City Beach’s most frequented spots. The park is a converted, and former military reservation which features over one and a half miles of emerald blue green waters, and sugar white sands!

The island goes from perhaps a little less than a mile at its most wide point. (near the pass) It then quickly narrows to about 200 yards & less at the eastern side. Of course it’s being maintained in its most natural state, and when there… you really get a proper sense of it’s natural beauty and just maybe what the world could be like with a few less people!

Although the island is part of the park, you won’t need a pass to visit it, but the best way to get out to it is by giving Bay Point Water Sports a call for more information! Call 850-236-5386.

The park is very close to the island, but the easiest way to enjoy what Shell Island has to offer is to visit Bay Point Water Sports, and take advantage of one of the many services that we offer!

Shell Island Rentals

Bay Point Water Sports has the expertise that we gladly share with all those who come and partake of the fun on the water that we provide, and we guarantee that you’ll be up to your ears in fun, sun, water and laughter! Visit Shell Island the way it should be visited, while searching out the local bottle-nose dolphins, on our guided dolphin tours.

Fun on Shell Island

The little island is a protected preserve, which is part of St. Andrews State Park, and frankly if you haven’t been there, you owe it to yourself to come! It’s a long way away from the hustle and bustle of the restaurants, bars and other attraction which dot our precious coastline.