These Waves are Pretty Good

Bad Weather Means Good Waves

Waves Bay Point 2Waves are important when it comes to beach activities. Although I knew it wouldn’t last for long. We had a couple of days where the sun was consistently shining and we could go outside without worry, but around 11:00 a.m. it started to get cloudy again. I don’t mean your simple rain clouds either. I mean it got dark and it still is while I write this. I mentioned this yesterday and I said we can’t know for sure whether or not the storm has passed and as it turns out, it hasn’t! The flags are still red and the beaches aren’t safe, but for the adventurous people who want to risk it and are lucky enough to go out on a single red flag there are still some fun beach activities. We advise all children to not be at the beaches in these conditions though.

Surfing of all Kinds!

You don’t have to just be out there on a surfboard attempting to catch waves and riding them back to shore. The biggest the waves have been today are around three feet, so that’s no fun unless you’re a beginner. If you can handle harsh water conditions and smaller waves, be my guest and have fun. I would recommend something along the lines of kite surfing because of how windy it is. There is no better feeling than strong winds blowing in the right direction while you’re out on the water! Do some tricks, relax, or go all out today because maybe you enjoy storms and this is your time to shine.

Stay Safe

I know it may seem like all fun and games, but the water can be dangerous in this kind of weather. We would advise you to check the flags and make sure you can handle the conditions before going out too far in the water. Maybe you don’t want to even attempt the beaches because it’s not worth it. That’s okay too. Click here to read about some of the other activities you can still enjoy while it’s like this. Take advantage of everyday you have here in beautiful Panama City Beach. When the weather clears up come see us at Bay Point Water Sports for all your aquatic needs!