Why Panama City Beach Sand is Sugar White

What is the Sand Made of?

Bay Point BeachYou may have heard before and just thought it was a rumor, but it is true. Many years ago, during the last Ice Age is what a lot of people say. The rivers in the Appalachian Mountains flowed through the states connecting into the Gulf of Mexico. Along the journey, quartz crystal was moved onto our beaches and that is how we have sand. It’s the reason our beaches stay powder white. If you walk on the sand and listen closely, you can actually hear the quartz sand crunch and squeak beneath your feet. Over the years all the quartz that has been on the beaches and created the protective sand dunes, were crushed into small particles. That is what makes our beaches what they are today.

People Love our Sugar White Beaches

There are many reasons why people would love the beaches of Panama City Beach. They stay so clean due to people cleaning and taking care of them. Another attribute to this would be that the sand looks so fresh because of how white it is. The locals love our beautiful beaches and do whatever they can to make sure everyone can enjoy them. Maybe it’s our sea animals that make people want to visit so often? In fact our beaches in St. Andrew’s State Park was number two in a list of the top beaches in America by Trip Adviser. That is something to brag about. We couldn’t have gotten this way if it wasn’t luck though. Quartz made it our way for a reason. That would be for everyone to have great vacations and family fun!

More Panama City Beach Facts and Fun

Panama City Beach is a small town, size and population wise. The entire town is just 18.6 square miles, with just a little over twelve thousand locals living here. The small size doesn’t stop people coming from all over the world just for the emerald water beaches and other fun attractions. The city of Panama City Beach has an average of 320 days of sunshine per year. There are so many facts I could tell you about this town, but I say you should just come down for yourself, grab a pontoon boat, and see for yourself just how great the town is. Come to Bay Point Water Sports and enjoy your vacation! You won’t want to miss what this town has to offer you.