Will the Weather get Cooler?

It’s Almost September but What About the Weather?

Ocean Bay PointI am having a hard time understanding the weather here in this beautiful town of Panama City Beach, Florida. First we got a monsoon and it was raining for a whole week and now we’re back to normal. As college starts again and school is in session for everyone, you would think the weather would be cooling off just a little as we approach the month of September. It is getting in the 60’s for states like Washington, but here we are in 90 degree weather, although I imagine a pretty bad winter again. The humidity is 63% today which is unbelievable.

Summer vs. Winter

We have intense heat here when the season is in full swing. We’re lucky to get a nice breeze anywhere unless right on the water. It will get up to one hundred degrees around July and I think that is crazy. We always think, “I wish it was winter so I could wear sweaters and not sweat all day while getting a sunburn.” I mean who doesn’t love sweater weather and hot chocolate, right? Although by the time winter does come around we are wishing for summer again because of how brutally cold it can get. A lot of people wouldn’t imagine Florida being cold because of our year round temperatures, but the cold winds from the ocean make the weather so much worse than imagined when it hit below 40 degrees.

How to Enjoy the Last of it?

Since we never know when the temperature will be unbearably cold, we have to enjoy it now. There are a few ways to do that and Bay Point Water Sports is here to help you! You need to come take advantage of the water while you’re still able to get in it without freezing. Maybe it involves kayaking or dolphin tours? There are so many things to do and we have you covered!