Swimming With Dolphins

Dolphins in the Water!

ISwimming With Dolphinsf you’re currently in town on a late vacation, and want to try swimming with Dolphins, they are a-plenty around Shell Island! You are going to have the opportunity to stop and get in the water. We also have plenty of great information about dolphins and their habits, and the best ways to approach interacting with dolphins in the water. Dolphins are truly magical animals that a generally friendly and approachable. Of course just like any creature in the wild, they deserve their space and your respect. They will let you know if they are keen on interactive with you, and normally they are! All the better for you because it’s really a unique swimming experience and one worth experiencing for yourself.

Why Choose Bay Point?

find time to swing into Bay Point to visit Bay Point Water Sports, and arrange your very own family-fun filled dolphin tour. We offer the opportunity for you and your family to enjoy a variety of water-based activities and our prime location is the best in Panama City Beach! There are many good reasons to choose us over other dolphin tour providers. Let’s go over a few below.

  • We are friendly!
  • We always put safety first!
  • Economical!

Swimming With Dolphins

We go out of our way to treat all of our customers just like family, and we take the time to answer any questions and make sure you enjoy the excursion. Make sure to bring your cameras and phones to take amazing pictures of swimming in the pristine water! It’s been totally awesome this year (2015) in Panama City Beach. Imagine, it has really been clear as the Caribbean and twice as nice because it’s Florida!

You’ll also have the chance to take cool videos while your loved ones are swimming as we are always seeing and interacting with he local bottle node dolphins that you are looking for. Give us a chance to help provide a vacation experience that you will always remember by calling us today. Remember there’s a great reason while we have such a high TripAdvisor rating, and so many Facebook fans! Call Today!

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