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Best Vacation EverIf you are planning to spend your vacation dollars renting jet skis, pontoon boats, or booking a dolphin tour in Panama City Beach, FL… you need to check out Bay Point Water Sports first! With so many positive reviews online and over seventeen hundred Facebook fans, it’s a sure thing that you are going to be well satisfied with the fun activities we have planned for you every day! Bay Point Water Sports specializes in family fun… If you are a parent, you know exactly what a precious commodity that actually is!

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There are more than a couple of water sports companies in Panama City Beach, but Bay Point Water Sports stands tall among these because we really go the extra mile to make sure our customers are educated about the area, the equipment they’ll be using, and what to expect while on the water. There’s nothing quite like being on the Grand Lagoon on a jet ski or enjoying the salt air on a pontoon. It’s exhilarating! Open up the throttle on your vacation day by planning a excursion on the water with the help of the best on the beach, Bay Point Water Sports.

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There’s always time to lay out on the beach, but while the weather’s so spectacular, it’s time to get out of your beach chair for a bit and feel some adrenaline pumping through your body! We’ve got you covered with the best super fun activities, including guided dolphin excursions, and kayak rentals… All you need top make your vacation to Panama City beach complete is to contact us with your reservation today!

Our Promise

We are going above and beyond every single day to ensure our customers feel they are being treated right, and are getting the best from their vacation dollars! We are extremely grateful that folks return to BPWS year after year. When you think about it… That’s a great big “job well done!”

Join in the fun by getting in touch today! See you down on the dock!