Panama City Beach Stingray Season

Stingrays, how About no

Bay Point BeachI know you think these creatures are after you, but I can assure you that are not here to hurt you. Well at least not intentionally. Most animals don’t attack unless provoked. You might not even know that you had taunted them before something happens. The small stingrays feel threatened extremely easy because they are so timid, so we have to keep a look out for them at all times while it is stingray season. When are they here? How can we be safe? These questions and more will be answered. The season is almost over too, so we don’t need to be worried about getting in the water now. Even if we did want to swim when season was over, it might be too cold.

Stingray Season is When?

The months that these animals are here are from April to October. So they are going to be on the beaches during the most popular times when we have the most tourists. I have seen them in July and August before. There must have been at least four hundred swimming throughout the emerald waters. It’s during these months that they bury themselves in the sand on shallow waters so they don’t get attacked by sharks or larger stingrays. So how can you be prepared for the water? You know that tiny drop off that is anywhere between three to ten meters from the shore? That is where stingrays love to bury themselves the most. So as long as you swim past it or don’t go out too far without a kayak or jet ski you will be okay. You just have to be cautious and watch the water.

Bay Point Water Sports

So if you’re in a situation to where you really want to get out on the water, just come to us here at Bay Point Water Sports. We can help you with any and all aquatic needs to make sure your Panama City Beach vacation is the best one that you’ve ever had. Here is all of our activities. For anymore information, please don’t hesitate to contact us because we have you covered!