Healthy Beach Activities for Everyone

Healthy the fun way

Ocean Bay PointWell since summer is over we know that there are not many people you can impress with your healthy changes at this point. That gives you almost a year to work your hardest and get in the best shape of your life. That will be extremely easy living here in Panama City Beach, Florida! There is access to the beach at almost every corner so why not start now? You have all the time in the world and with winter weather approaching you can wear sweaters while going out for a run on the beach. Don’t give up on the body you want.

Play Ball!

You don’t have to stay home or go to a gym to get in shape and get healthy. Sometimes a breath of fresh air or a change of scenery is all you really need to get that last push of motivation when you start doubting yourself. With that being said, there are a ton of beach activities that you can enjoy with a day on the beach. There are volleyball goals up on the beach near the east end. They are normally in front of the high rises, but it is the off season so you should be able to take a few friends and play a couple of games without any bother. You can also play football anywhere on the beach. This is actually fun in the water as well. Another favorite of mine is Frisbee. When the wind is just right and you have the perfect throw, nothing is better.

Other Activities

We all know that working out can be a pain, but if you’re having fun you won’t even notice anything at all. There are plenty of healthy beach activities you can enjoy and still get in shape with. You could come rent a kayak or pontoon boat if you want to get your arms in shape. For any and all aquatic needs we have you covered here at Bay Point Water Sports!