Kayaking for Health

Stress free Fun

Kayaking for Health

Kayaking for Health

Looking for a fun and exciting way to add a stress free, fun, and healthy activity to your day? Look no further than Kayaking. It can be relaxing but at times challenging. Kayaking is also a great social activity. Most important it has great benefits to your health and it is FUN and STRESS FREE! Kayaking increases the metabolism and has great health benefits. To move the kayak at about 5 mph require about 0.1 hp of effort.

That’s about 400 calories per hour! That means four hours of paddling is going to burn up about 1600 calories! Who couldn’t stand to do that? Did we also mention that kayaking is just fun? (Also!) So rent your kayaks from Bay Point Water Sports in Panama City Beach, FL.

Some Benefits of Kayaking

  1. Balance
  2. Coordination
  3. Strength
  4. Physical Fitness
  5. Motor Skills
  6. Stamina

More about Kayaking

When you kayak you sit upright with legs extended to the front into the hollow hull and have a double-bladed paddle to move through the water. For your safety you should always wear a life vest and a protective helmet.

Kayaking fun Facts!

  • ‘Kayak’ is Inuit for ‘Hunter’s boat’ it was first used by Eskimos in North America, kayaks for hunting seals.
  • Hungary is the country with the most Olympic medals in kayaking.
  • The world record for the highest waterfall drop in kayak is held by American extreme kayaker, Tyler Bradt. He earned the record by going over Palouse Falls in 2009 by dropping 189 feet.
  • The world record for the most kayaks to ever “raft up” together is 1,902 kayaks in Inlet, New York in 2011.
  • Kayaking as a competitive sport began during the Summer Olympic Games in Germany in 1936.

More Information

So are you ready to RELAX and get HEALTHY? Than get on the phone and call Bay Point Water Sports and get kayaking TODAY! We have great rates and only use Hobie Kayaks, which are considered the best on the market. Our Kayak’s are single or tandem. Learn more about kayaking near Shell Island. Call now (850) 236-5386!!

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