Spring Break 2017 Activities

Spring Break 2017!

During spring break 2017, there’s a great choice to make your trip more than worthwhile! Welcome to the Bay Point Water Sports blog! It’s almost that time of year again. You know what I am talking about… Spring Break! It’s like a religion for some people. Are you ready to be a part of the ritual migration to Panama City Beach in 2017? The weather, (which we do talk about a lot) has been great! The heat needed to warm homes in Bay County, FL this winter so far… Oh wait, there’s no heating that’s been needed at all. In fact, locals probably could use a brief respite from the hot, the sun and the warm breezes!

Wait… Scratch that!

We love living in Florida, and we love the warm weather! Of course the thing we love the most is helping people discover how much fun that you can have when you visit Bay Point Water Sports.

Dolphins on Parade!We have all the beach-going activities covered! Jet skis, waver runners, kayaks, pontoon boats, and of course… Dolphin tours. You can brush up on a ton of available information about dolphins that we have compiled on our blog for those that have a keen interest. We have as much information as you could possibly ever need, from migration patterns to how to act when you have an in-water dolphin encounter.

Choose Fun!

Whatever activity your choose to participate in during your spring break 2017, Bay Point Water Sports has got you covered when it comes to fun in the sun and on the water. There’s plenty of fun to go around, whether you are by yourself, or have a whole crew of even kids. Family fun is practically our middle name.

Thanks for taking a look, and remember Bay Point Water Sports for the type of fun in PCB you are looking for. See you soon!