What’s the Deal About PCB?

PCB is Quite Popular

PCBWhen thinking back over the many years that I have lived in Panama City Beach, I have been stuck with the same question. Why is PCB such a popular town for people to visit? Here is a cool fact. Imagine all the people that come to visit us and how the beaches and streets are so packed. We actually have a population of just over 12,000 locals. So that means we get hundreds of thousands of visitors a year, which I think is pretty crazy given how small the town already is. There is always a place for them to stay though, and they are always welcome. Let’s dive deeper into the reasoning behind the popularity that we experience here. There has to be more, right?

Tourists and More

Way back when which was probably the late 1990’s and early 2000’s there weren’t that many towns that allowed Spring Break. Probably something to do with the college student party stereotype. Panama City Beach did allow Spring Break though, we embraced it. So all of these students flocked here to enjoy the town, have a nice vacation, and well, party. MTV came down in 2006 which caused so many younger people to come down with them and start their Spring Break traditions. Families started coming down during the summer when spring break was over because Panama City Beach is such a nice town and a family friendly place.

Real Estate and Bay Point

In 2006 we also had the real estate boom. So many motels and small houses were being town down and were replaced with high rises and condos, but the prices were really high. Then the economy took a downward turn in 2007 which finally calmed down the spiraling real estate prices. This attracted a lot of people. From 2006 to 2007, our local population went up by over 700 people. We hope that you’ve enjoyed learning out PCB and what it can offer you. Come check out Bay Point Water Sports next time you’re in Panama City beach! You can rent a jet ski or kayak and just enjoy the smooth water and sugar white beaches.