Why Panama City Beach?

Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach OatsWith a town as small as ours, you might be thinking why would we be so popular? We attract tourists from all over the world, spring breakers, and ecotourists. We have places for parties, family friendly areas, parks, shopping malls, live music, and plenty of restaurants. The real reason of all the popularity was almost over a decade ago. There are plenty of reasons why people would come to Panama City Beach though. We just need to learn the origin behind them all and that won’t be too hard. Why wouldn’t people want to come to our wonderful town?

MTV and Spring Break

Well back in the day in the early 2000’s we were one of the towns that actually tolerated Spring Break, but I don’t really know why because it does get out of hand. So when college students heard about this they all came down here to enjoy their time off from college and most likely party everyday. It’s such a stereotype, although so true; I don’t want to contradict myself. Then around 2006 MTV came to Panama City Beach to host its annual Spring Break series that had a ton of concerts and contests. This gave our town a huge surge in popularity. From then on people have been coming to our beaches every year, mostly in the summer time and the earlier months. As long as you come late summer you will be able to avoid all the college students and enjoy a family vacation with the little ones, which is always nice.

Bay Point Water Sports

We say everyone looking for a wonderful time in Panama City Beach should visit during the off season before it gets cold. Come out and rent a jet ski to ride the waves. Maybe you want to see dolphins for the first time? Whatever it is, just know that Bay Point Water Sports has you covered for all your beach and aquatic needs!