The Flood Gates/Pontoons and Jet Skis

It seem that our leaders have wisely opened things up so our economy can begin to heal itself.  As a result, THE FLOOD GATES have opened! Pontoon boat rentals and unguided jet ski rentals are flying off the shelf in record numbers. It seems that people were WAY PAST ready to get out of the house and begin living life again… and who can blame them? When you rent a pontoon boat or jet ski and push away from the dock to begin your adventure, you will begin to see countless other people out on the water having a great time with family and friends. Here at Bay Point Water Sports we had a very busy and fun filled Memorial Day weekend. The 60 horse power and 90 horse power pontoon boats were completely sold out and the unguided jet ski rentals were on a waiting list the entire weekend. As a side note, our Dolphin Tours were also booked and the dolphins were in rare form jumping and playing and swimming all around us and with us as we jumped in the water to be close to them. It’s almost as if they missed us. We missed them too! Last but certainly not least, thank you to all of our Service men and women for all that they do! Hope to see you at Bay Point Water Sports Soon.